Chris Corrigan – Assumptions and Questions

Chris will be joining us again to explore what we can learn, about our assumptions and about our selves, by taking a closer look at our questions.

When we were preparing for this course with Chris, these were some of the topics we were exploring:

  • How can we avoid falling in love with beautifully-crafted questions that are disconnected from reality and the needs of the people we are talking to?
  • How to sense what really is the need?
  • That very often the most helpful question is, “What is going on?” “What is important to you?”

We look very much forward to opening this exploration again with Chris and those of you who will be joining is.

Here is a great blog post Chris wrote about “Embedding Assumptions in our questions”
Here a little more about Chris, if you are curious to learn more.

Chris is a long time practitioner of Open Space Technology, World Cafe and other participatory methodologies. He has taught the Art of Hosting around the world as a way of supporting people in putting hosting conversations at the centre of systemic change, decolonization, and community development.

He has worked on large scale systemic challenges with indigenous child and family services, changes to the nature of mainline churches, First Nations governance and emergent forms of the non-profit sector.

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