This is different! We are creating a new way for you to engage with our courses. As part of our continuous efforts to make all the valuable material that we are gathering through our courses and our practice available, we have set out to offer a new kind of courses that are more FLEXIBLE  and mostly self paced at the same time as you learn with a community of peer learners.

For our “Flex” course you will have the benefit of:

  • Self paced learning: Through carefully curated bite size videos and audio presenting the core ideas. This allows you to access the teachings when it is convenient for you.
  • A community of peer learners and peer feedback. This allows us to get to know peers from all over the world and reflect on our own practice in the light of what others are doing.
  • Simple exercises to help you integrate your learning in your context.


  • The overall need for a sophisticated theory of harvesting to give direction and meaning to our practice, beginning with a deeper understanding about how we learn, know, and make sense of the world around us – as individuals and in groups
  • The need to be part of an effective Community of Practice – we learn most effectively with each other when we are sharing stories, designing together and asking for help.

With the recognition that we have much to learn from and with each other, we extend a warm invitation to join us! Who this course is for:

  • Process practitioners in our shared global communities of practice (e.g. Art of Hosting, World Cafe, Open Space Technology, the Circle Way, U.lab, Coaches and beyond)
  • Graphic Facilitators & other harvesting professionals
  • Researchers and Evaluators
  • Others with an active relevant practice who would find this inquiry of value  

In this course you will learn about:

  • Theory and practice of harvesting
  • Ways and methods of harvesting personal and collective insight from dialogue processes
  • How to design a process architecture that makes good use of harvesting for action and learning
  • How power dynamics and differences influence harvesting practice.
  • How to weave harvesting into strategic work over time.

You will come away with:

  • A framework for designing harvesting plans.
  • Practice harvesting personally and collectively
  • A set of co-created principles and practices to guide your own harvesting work.
  • New ideas and potential new collaborators

The course is a self paced course, where we make new resources available every week. The course has a variety of modalities to help get as much out of the course as possible:

Self paced learning material:
Audio and video material
An integrated online learning platform
Exercises helping to apply the material in your own context

Participatory learning:
Peer learning: feedback on exercises, questions and sharing of inspirational cases.

A practice guide:
A creatively illustrated extensive practice guide to support all material covered

Working online, we can take advantage of the international scope of our interconnected communities of practice

Community of Practice
By joining this course you will be invited to participate for free in our ongoing calls for the community of practice of harvesters, that exchange experience and offer inspiration and new insights for deepening the practice.

The content of the course has been designed by Chris, Amy and Rowan, inviting some of the most experienced practitioners to share what they have learned and what they are learning.
In this course you will find contributions from Monica Nissen,  Kelvy Bird, David Sibbet, & Zulma Patarroyo

The course is structured in 6 modules:

  1. Harvesting in living systems
  2. Principles for Harvesting
  3. Designing for the harvest
  4. Practices for Strategic Harvesting and Evaluation
  5. Working with Metaphor
  6. Personal practice as a harvester


30% Group Discount for groups of 3 or more participants from the same organization or initiative.
We have priced this course to be as accessible as possible – 100% of the suggested registration fee of $400 covers the costs of producing this training.

AND we don’t want finances to get in the way of your participation, so there are alternative financial options in your registration form, including group rates and an invitation to contribute more to help cover those who can’t pay the full rate right now. Contact us for group rate promo codes, or if you need more help making the course work for you financially.

  • $250.00$350.00
  • 8 Weeks
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