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In our origin calls we invite our elders to share some of their first discoveries on their journey and invite a conversation about what we are seeing together. Connecting to our lineage and future potential.

Harrison Owen – Open Space Technology

Harrison Owen offers us a peak into the most natural and essential of human nature – self organizing. Reminding us that we know how to be together, to collaborate and make stuff happen,  sometimes supported by simple and very basic structures for engagement and collaboration.

By giving voice and visibility to Open Space Technology, Harrison has offered all of us a pattern and practice for engaging around what matters to us in a spirited manner, balancing just enough order with just enough chaos.

The essence of Open Space Technology and the gifts that Harrison Owen have brought to many of us, are beautifully summed up by Peggy Holman:

  • Generosity of spirit.  Harrison opted not to copyright or trademark the process.  Instead, he made it clear that Open Space is free for the taking. The only responsibility is to give back, to share what you learn.
  • Focus on essence. While it is easy to get wrapped up in the complexity of any situation, Harrison has a talent for attending to what matters most. All the rest is details.
  • Simplicity of design.  I’ve called Harrison a master of laziness, always finding the path of the least effort for the greatest outcome. I love the power of a question he always poses: What’s one less thing to do?  To which I add: and still be whole and complete?
  • Inclusion/invitation. The stories Harrison tells of welcoming the stranger makes it exquisitely clear that both the stranger within and from outside bring gifts, no matter how they how they show up.


The calls are hosted by Amy and Rowan. We are inviting our elders and pioneers of these practices to share their journey and perspectives on how this has evolved.


These calls are a gift to the community – you can join for free. And… if it’s possible for you, we invite contributions that can help support similar offerings in the future.

Come join us!

Rowan and Amy

  • 10 Weeks


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