WHEN: Wednesdays: October 16th, 23rd & 30th  and 6th November- ONLINE

A Course in Practical Application of Developmental Evaluation

We’re here to tell you a secret. The reason every developmental evaluation is different is because it’s an art. While artists may work with common tools and subjects, each piece will unfold in its own way and every artist will have their own style. The challenge and the promise of developmental evaluation is creating an adaptive learning process that fits your context: your organization, your community, your vision, your values, your needs, your complexity. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach, it is a powerful way to bring deep reflective learning and accountability to your work.

After asking, “What is developmental evaluation?”, the next place we often get stuck is, “And how do I do it?” In this course, Rita and Carolyn will bring to life the core concepts of developmental evaluation, help you discover both the art and practice of it, and offer a space for you to explore your own developmental evaluation style. Can anyone make art? Of course! Can anyone adjust, learn, and grow while helping organizations do the same? Yes! We will share stories and examples from our own journeys, give practical guidance on working with common patterns and pitfalls, help you apply the principles of developmental evaluation to your own context, and host generative conversations as we navigate this space together.


This course is for anyone looking to learn about and apply developmental evaluation, no matter how you come to it—curious, skeptical, frustrated, excited, uncertain, passionate—and whether you’re new to developmental evaluation or an experienced practitioner looking to enhance your ability to adapt and flex in the face of increasing complexity. We will explore and deepen our relationship to the practice of bringing rigorous and responsive learning processes to initiatives, innovations, and strategies for change.

Why developmental evaluation? Because what you don’t learn can sabotage your growth and what you do learn can propel you further. Because learning happens best when we do it together in community. Because how we learn is as important as what we learn. Come learn with us!

Course outline

Session 1 – Creating Safe Havens – How we create and protect spaces for exploration and innovation, allowing for emergence and learning. Will cover inquiry frameworks and negotiating and holding space for developmental evaluation with stakeholders.

Session 2 – Preparing for Change – How we ready ourselves and the people we work with for change, not only in what we learn but how we learn. Will cover readiness assessment and critical reflective practice

Session 3 – Nurturing Learning – How we design learning infrastructure that is responsive to need and context in an evolving way. Will cover emergent learning frameworks/strategies and choosing appropriate methods.

Session 4 – Sifting and Harvesting – How we support meaning-making in complexity, working across multiple threads and layers of learning. Will cover data collection and management tools and processes, and participatory sense-making.

The Developmental Evaluation Course is a four-session online course to support leaders and facilitators in better understanding how to evaluate in complexity and apply developmental evaluation practice to their practices. This course will increase your evaluation literacy and enable you to make better strategic decisions and embed a developmental evaluation strategy in your project form the beginning.


Wednesdays: October 16th, 23rd, 30th & 6th November
10.00- 12.00 AM Pacific Time / 19:00 – 21:00 Central European Time

All sessions will be recorded & made available to registered participants

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Teams or groups of 3 or More (30% off): $210 
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Hosted by Beehive Productions, Amy Lenzo & Rowan Simonsen and the delivery led by highly experienced developmental evaluators Rita Fierro, & Carolyn Camman

Carolyn Camman

An independent evaluation consultant and adventurer on an evaluation journey. My passion is designing flexible, creative (even fun!) approaches that make the strategic and transformative benefits of evaluation accessible for all. I bring a blend of social science, social justice, and social sector experience to my practice, and work with community, government, and public sector organizations on projects traversing areas of justice, mental health and addictions, health, youth development, community development, education, immigration, and seniors. I also co-host Eval Cafe, a a semi-regular podcast of informal conversations on evaluation topics.  www.camman-evaluation.com


Rita Fierro Ph.D

Rita is an intellectual artist who skillfully combines creative, innovative, and analytical thinking by bridging groups, networks, and arenas that may seem far apart: art and facilitation, evaluation, healing and research. Rita is the technical assistance co-lead for the Kellogg Foundation’s nation-wide Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation program. She has worked for foundations, universities, community-based organizations, non-profits, and individual artists. Her portfolio includes prestigious clients such as the United Nations, The Rockefeller Foundation, the National Science Foundation, the Center for Creative Leadership, America for the Arts, and the Department for International Development.

Also say more at www.FierroConsultingLLC.com and www.DrRitaWrites.com


“Unless strategy evaluation is performed seriously and systematically, and unless strategists are willing to act on the results, energy will be used up defending yesterday.”

– Peter Drucker

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