Transforming Limiting Beliefs: Stepping up, Staying in, Moving forward

Tuesdays: Jan 28, Feb 4, Feb 11, and Feb 18th

The important and often challenging work of meaningful dialogue, collaboration and changemaking calls on us to engage ourselves with rigorous and compassionate personal practice.  It is both an opportunity and a responsibility for us to look closely at our own limiting beliefs and patterns in order to learn with humility, amplify our potential for positive contribution and shift the negative impact we can sometimes have,  even if it is not intentional.  Self-inquiry based personal practice can also provides us with valuable insights for our learning, growth and wellbeing.

In order to access new ways of thinking and showing up, we need to identify and transform the current thinking where we are stuck. Caitlin Frost draws on Byron Katie’s The Work, as a simple, yet powerful tool for working directly with your own stressful thinking and limiting beliefs.

Caitlin’s approach offers a way to access valuable insights, important self-awareness and the ability to transform the beliefs and deeper patterns that can cause us to be reactive or shut down and can limit our creative thinking in our lives, relationships, and work.

In this 4-week online program we will explore the concept of limiting beliefs: where they show up, and how to identify and work with them for yourself. We will learn the basic structure of The Work, and then each week we will focus on an inquiry into one key area of thinking to support our practice as dialogue practitioners and change makers. We will explore and work with the patterns of fear, stressful thinking, judgement, failure and underlying beliefs.. Each week there will be a ‘homework’ exercise to bring the real-time learning into your own practice, either through written inquiry or optional peer-learning dyads.


We will focus on a general understanding of and practice with limiting beliefs and these three topics:

  • Stepping in:  to more consciously host or participate in dialogue where there are differing perspectives, different styles of communication, power issues, tension, historic conflict, big issues with no answers. While these are important conversations to be able to contribute to meaningful change in our workplaces and communities, we often avoid these conversations or show up ‘charged’ and attached to our positions.

  • Staying in: It can be challenging to stay in healthy, creative dialogue and work when there is conflict, differences and uncertainty.  It can be hard to genuinely listen with curiosity and openness to learn; to speak in service of the purpose, whole, and to stay through difficulty with grace. Especially when the stakes are high and feel personal. From our own fears, assumptions and attachments, we sometimes flee, shut down, blame, reach for power and control or show up in a range of unhelpful and unhealthy ways out of our own limiting beliefs and patterns.

  • Moving forward: If we are going to be able to access and use the learnings from the hard moments of collaborative work and dialogue, and stay in important relationships as we move forward, we need to be able to work with the assumptions and stress based storylines that can develop during difficult work and be carried forward in limiting and unhealthy ways. These patterns can include such as blame and criticism (self and others)  exclusion/silos and avoidance. We can use powerful self-reflective personal practices to grow our resilience, self-awareness and effectiveness as we navigate the stages of meaningful collaborative dialogue and work.

“Caitlin Frost is brilliant in working with people to shift their limiting beliefs. A gifted facilitator, she really supports people to move into areas of their own thinking with curiosity and compassion. Working with Caitlin I have had many “a-ha” moments myself, and I have benefited enormously from Caitlin’s application of The Work in different settings. Caitlin’s also just a tremendous person, and if you have a chance to attend one of her workshops, do it! You won’t regret, and you will be different when you leave!

— Tuesday Ryan-Hart, Confluence Unlimited, Columbus OH, Art of Hosting Steward


Session 1:  Context & Limiting Beliefs Basics

  • The need and potential of working with limiting beliefs in change work.
  • Limiting Beliefs and “The Work” basics.

Session 2: Stepping In

  • Courage and Fear What holds us back from courageous and conscious leadership and participation?
  • Identify and transform your own fears and stressful thinking.

Session 3: Staying In

  • Judgement and Being Right: Awareness of our own patterns and attachments, what it costs us (and others) and how we can shift to more curiosity and connection.
  • Developing our ability to open our minds to multiple perspectives.

Session 4: Moving forward

  • Tending the storylines we carry forward from difficult and uncomfortable experiences.
  • Working with failure, blame and criticism (self and others) cynicism, and avoidance so we can access the learning and move forward.


  • Tuesdays: Jan 28, Feb 4, Feb 11, and Feb 18th
  • 10.00- 12.00 AM Pacific Time / 19:00 – 21:00 Central European Time

Two Extra live Q/A sessions for Australasia
3 – 4:30 Pacific Time, 

          • One half-way through (Feb 6),
          • One after the last session (Feb 20) 3 – 4:30 Pacific Time


All sessions will be recorded & made available to registered participants


Suggested price 300 USD*
Sliding scale 250 – 350 USD


  • Early Bird (before Dec 31st) $50 off
  • Teams or groups of 3 or More (30% off) 
    (send names and email addresses of your group & we’ll send you the group discount code.

* We understand that finances vary based on location, industry, and personal circumstances, so Beehive offers all our courses on a sliding scale, trusting that everyone will pay what they can. See the registration form for alternate fees, and if you are really called to be with us but unable to afford any of the options listed, please be in touch with a clear proposal and we will see if we can work something out.

The Work with Caitlin Frost is a deeply transformational process that creates amazing results! I unpacked a constellation of interrelated limiting beliefs and deeply held behavioral patterns that were showing up in my personal and professional life. As a result of Caitlin’s beautiful support, I am boldly pursuing my calling with a sense of clarity and ease. Already my world is shifting because I no longer get in my own way. I highly recommend Caitlin and The Work to individuals and groups who are ready to let go of the limiting beliefs that are keeping them from actualizing their potential.

– Christina Foster, Foster What Matters Facilitation, Chicago IL


Hosted by Beehive Productions, Amy Lenzo & Rowan Simonsen and the delivery led by highly experienced practitioner Caitlin Frost

Caitlin Frost

Caitlin Frost is a deep practitioner of The Work (of Byron Katie) for more than 19 years. She works globally as a coach, facilitator and workshop leader, supporting individuals and groups who want to open space for more clarity, wisdom and possibility in their lives and work. Caitlin has developed leadership, dialogue and collaboration programs using The Work with Limiting Beliefs in organizations, communities and for Art of Hosting trainings around the world. She is a Certified Facilitator of The Work, has trained and worked with founder Byron Katie, and is a Steward in the Art of Hosting Global Community of Practice. Caitlin is a co-founder of Harvest Moon Consultants and lives on beautiful Bowen Island, BC, Canada with her family.



I turn to The Work whenever I need to find freedom from ideas that limit my ability to act skillfully in my professional or personal life. Caitlin Frost is an incomparable facilitator of The Work. She has synthesized her own deep understanding into accessible and transformative resources. Caitlin’s approach can be immediately applied to leadership challenges, and any other aspect of life that calls for clarity and inspiration.

— Wendy Morris, Minnesota

  • 4 Weeks


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