Harvesting Our Courses

One of the things I am particularly excited about in the work Rowan and I are doing is our commitment to harvesting the experience and results of our courses, so that what we are learning together can be shared more broadly. To wax poetic, our intent is to distribute the results of each crop (course), so that it can be eaten (used) and in so doing return again and again (in an ongoing learning loop) to the collective soil that nourishes us all (the collective).

This commitment to sharing our collective discoveries takes many forms, and showed up at a variety of levels in our recent Harvesting & Collective Sense-Making course. At one level there was the formal Compendium we designed for course participants, built from extensive notes taken in each of the nine sessions. (This document is currently being formatted into a concise WorkBook we’ll be making available to the public).

At another level there was the significant number of “harvesters” we invited to pay attention at the meta-level and share what they were seeing. This commitment is reflected also in our relationship with Viola Tschendel who provided a visual “red thread” to the process with her insightful and distinctive “potato people” graphic harvesting.

And at still another level was the ground-swell of grass-roots harvesting that proliferated throughout the Harvesting & Collective Sense-Making course, and just kept going afterwards. This showed up in an absolute flowering of images, graphic recordings, and written notes that were shared in our private FaceBook work-group, in the Google docs we provided for each session, and in blog posts and our mailboxes as people continued to share their own unique pieces of the harvesting picture.

One of these came from Eimear McNally, a participant from Ireland, beautifully documenting an event she had been given responsibility for harvesting soon after the course ended. Eimear’s “report”, Reflections is a remarkable testament – not only to the power of our course and the wonderful guests who brought such powerful content, but also to her fabulous creative intelligence in applying what she learned so skillfully. Thank you for sharing it with us, Eimear!

I can’t begin to say how good all this makes me feel, and how much I appreciate working with such talented and dedicated people! I’m very much looking forward to what will come from this next course on The Art of Questions…

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  1. Thanks Amy! I’m honoured! I hope to reconnect with you all in the upcoming courses.

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