Developmental Evaluation


Developmental Evaluation  – The Art of Learning – Starts 16th oct. Please choose the price that reflect what you are able to contribute.



Getting unstuck, awakening curiosity and generating productive outcomes

Join us to gain insight and  confidence to address difficult conversations, potential conflict or to work with differences skillfully. Worldview IntelligenceTM offers frameworks, models and strategies to build trust and strengthen relationships.

When?  Wednesdays: 12, 19 and 26 November

The Worldview Intelligence Six Dimensions framework allows you to create order from chaos, enables understanding of complexity and gives you the ability to appreciate and command differences to change outcomes.

Do you have a conversation or relationship that is stuck in a repetitive loop or frustrating patterns? Is there one you have been avoiding?

Working with Worldview Intelligence gives you a structure for  explorations to gain an understanding of worldviews, where they come from, how they influence relationships, conversations and overall communication. It gives you ways to consistently transform differences into progress.

The Worldview Intelligence Six Dimensions Framework provides a mechanism for you to:

  • Learn about your own worldview, what you react to and why
  • To think about how people you interact with see and experience the world
  • Discover the sources of disagreement or conflict, the hidden dynamics that influence relationship and communication

When you understand your worldview and the worldview of others you have a skill that changes your approach to challenging conversations,  strategic thinking, future conversations and relationships and even your management or leadership approach.


Course Outline

  • Session 1: Worldviews, What They Are and Why It Matters When Engaging Conversation
  • Session 2: Worldview Intelligence Exploratory and Planning and Design Frameworks
  • Session 3: Worldview Intelligence Application to a Team or Group Process

We will cover:

  • Scope of Application of Worldview Intelligence
  • What is a worldview
  • Ladder of Inference and examples of how worldviews function
  • Behavioural and Brain Science
  • Exploratory and planning frameworks will be introduced and participants will have the opportunity to begin planning for a conversation they anticipate inviting.
  • Worldview Intelligence and its linkage to the AoH 4-Fold Practice
  • CIDA-W planning model applied to conversation planning 
  • The Worldview Intelligence Six Dimensions Framework 
  • Worldviews as it applies to hosting and convening convening conversation
  • High performing teams
  • Stories from the field

Dates: Wednesdays 12, 19 and 26 November
Time: 9.00 – 11.00 Pacific time, 18.00 – 20.00 Central European Time


We will connect on Zoom where we will share and engage to make the learning experience rich and relevant for everyone.

This will be complemented by additional resources and archives of the recordings of all sessions on the Beehive Productions Online Learning Platform.

How much?
250 USD regular price

The investment includes a practical Workbook and a free e-copy of Jerry and Kathys new book, as well as access to all complementary material and recordings of the sessions for 6 months.

If the price is an obstacle for you, we are offering a sliding scale pricing. If you still need financial support to be able to join, get in touch and we will find a solution.


The course is hosted by Rowan and Amy in collaboration with Kathy Jourdain and Jerry Nagel, pioneers in bringing awareness to the deeper levels of what affects us as we engage with others and need to collaborate.

Jerry Nagel, PhD – Minnesota USA

Jerry brings a unique background in economic development focused on rural areas combined with the ability to also work in and understand large urban centers. He and his partner Kathy Jourdain work with a variety of organizations of all sizes in a variety of contexts. His BA and MA in Economics is complimented by his PhD in Social Studies from Tilburg University in the Netherlands.

Kathy Jourdain, MBA – Nova Scotia Canada

Long recognized for her leadership ability, when first introduced to the idea of worldviews through her work with her partner Jerry Nagel, Kathy recognized the potential for practical application in their consulting practice. They immediately began to incorporate Worldview Intelligence into their client contracts as well as offering public programs, keynotes and interviews.


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