Evaluation in Complexity – Open Space


Open Space Exploration around The Art of Evaluation in Complexity.
We invite you to support what you can to making this space possible.

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We have just finished an amazing four weeks of diving into the Art of Evaluation in Complexity with the most inspiring guests and participants. During this time many questions, ideas and possible collaborations where seeded. We are inviting anyone who are excited about this topic, whether you have been part of the course or not to come together and explore where we want the field of Evaluation in complexity and its connection to facilitation to be going.

We want to hear more stories, invite more questions and conversations and connect to what is possible when we rethink how we evaluate, learn and asses what impact or difference we are making in the work.

Come join us!

We will meet on 26th March for 2.5 hours to explore the questions and topics most relevant to each person showing up.
10.00- 12.30 AM Pacific Time / 19:00 – 21:30 Central European Time

We will meet on Zoom and create virtual breakout rooms for connecting and self organizing.

We are offering this space to the community to come together and connect to what is important to them. We don´t want anyone to be left out and it also takes time and energy to organize and host this space, so we invite a small donation, is you are in a position to do so.


We look very much forward to learn and explore with you,

Warm regards,

Rowan, Amy and Chris

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