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Beehive Harvesting Community Calls

As Beehive we want to nurture our field of practice and learning, this is why we are inviting you to join this community of practice, of hosts, facilitators, scribes, graphic facilitators and recorders and learners to come together and share what we are learning about how Harvesting and Collective Sense Making can strengthen the way we learn, organize and take action.

The Harvesting Community Calls is an ongoing series of calls, where we invite inspiring practitioners to share what they are working with and create space for connecting and sharing of experience and stories that can help deepen our practice and have greater impact in the contexts that we are part of.

First Call: Generative Scribing

Visuals serve as key facilitative aids for collective seeing and navigation. As visual practitioners in especially challenging times, we face a particular need and opportunity to expand the awareness, mindsets, and choices that feed our outward expression.

In this call Reilly and Alfredo will share some of their valuable insights from working with Generative Scribing as coined by Kelvy Bird. Alfredo and Reilly collaborate with Kelvy and are sharing these new perspectives all over the World.

We will together explore how Generative Scribing:

  • Activate intelligences of the Open Mind, Heart, and Will
  • Serve as a model of practice that grounds inner cultivation – listening, discerning, making sense: these elements that create the real value of our work as graphic facilitators, giving visual the power of really contributing to a conversation or group dynamic
  • Look at what it means to use drawings to support and change the dynamics in a conversation and how the visualisation can help shift a conversation or focus it in the right direction?

“Generative scribing” extends this art by attending to the field of energy and relation between people, and to the emerging potential of a system.

Alfredo Carlo

Alfredo, born in Brussels, is a designer of collaborative processes and is a graphic facilitator. He’s the founding partner of Housatonic Design Network and, since 2011, a partner of Matter Group. Together these networks deliver graphic facilitation and collaborative sessions to navigate complexity. Alfredo is a member of The Value Web, a not-for-profit organisation made of an international facilitators and designers network, which helps large and medium-scale institutions all over the world in their processes of research for systemic and complex problem-solving. Alfredo currently lives with his family in Bologna, Italy.

Reilly Dow

Reilly leads the way in Latin America. She is a graphic facilitator working in English and Spanish, and over the past 10 years has supported a broad range of clients on four continents, using visuals to facilitate dialogue, depth, and understanding. Recent projects include co-creating a comic book on ecosystems services with communities on the Gulf Coast of Mexico for the GIZ, and co-facilitating a retreat for global leaders in the Burren on the west coast of Ireland. Reilly’s background in early childhood education informs a focus on lifelong learning and creativity. While completing an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies, her research focused on parent voice and participation in local public schools. Reilly was born in Canada and is based in Mexico City.

Alfredo and Reilly are also offering an upcoming in person Workshop in Visual Practice in Mexico City, in December, for anyone interested in deepening some of these topics.

The Community Calls are free to anyone who have taken any of of harvesting courses. If you have not we invite you to offer a little contribution to the center, supporting us in creating these spaces and allowing us to keep this momentum going.

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