Origin Story – Margaret Wheatley


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We are all part of living adaptive systems at all levels of life, even though that we often act like we are not. Understanding how we engage and take leadership holding this perspective is the ongoing commitment of Margaret Wheatley.

She has written a long list of very important and foundational books in this field linking our understanding of New Sciences to how we work in and with living systems. She has founded Berkana Institute and Warriors of the Human Spirit.

Berkana respond by moving courageously into the future now, experimenting with many different solutions. Berkana and their partners share the clarity that whatever the problem, community is the answer. We prepare for an unknown future by creating strong and sustainable relationships, by wisely stewarding the earth’s resources and by building resilient communities. We rely on the belief that human beings are caring, generous and want to be together.


The calls are hosted by Amy and Rowan. We are inviting our elders and pioneers of these practices to share their journey and perspectives on how this has evolved.


  • December 2019 – Date to be confirmed

Register for this course for free or offer a little gift back to the center if you want to support future conversation of this kind.


ONLINE! We will meet on Zoom learn together, exploring what these stories mean for us and how we step in to the evolution of these practices.
The calls with will recorded both as video and graphics, to be made available to anyone who registers for the course and subsequently to the wider field.


These calls are a gift to the community – you can join for free. And… if it’s possible for you, we invite contributions that can help support this offering to our shared field of practice.

Come join us!

Rowan and Amy

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